Hey,I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed!

I am currently working on independent films and movies. My favorite artists are Emerson Lake and Palmer,Yes,Utopia,Todd Rundgren and The Cars.Keith Emerson is the greatest synth/piano/keyboard ever! Chris Squire is the greatest,most talented bass player ever!I love Fish Out Of Water <3My other favorite artists are Benjamin Orr,Kasim Sulton,Roger Powell,Tommy Shaw,Styx,Pink Floyd,David Gilmour,and Rush. And like the bestie boys song "fight for your right to party" that portrays for myself I fight for my right to party. My num 1 fav tv shows are Arrested Development,Viva La Bam and Doctor Who,and David Tennant is my fav doctor! <3.My other favorite tv shows are WKRP,The Dudesons,Tralier Park Boys,All In The Family,Archies Place,South Park,and Bevis And Butthead.I love to go camping,moto cross,make independent films,and work on cars.